Slide Yellow Room 24 months - 30 months

Yellow Room is for children from 24 months - 30 months. Children in this room are encouraged to mark make, often wrongly described as doodling and scribbling. In actual fact, this is the child’s first step towards writing. As well as enabling a child to learn how to write, mark-making can benefit a child physically and also help to develop their imagination and creative skills. In this room, we encourage sand and water play, to help promote physical development in young children. A child’s muscle skills develop as they squeeze, dig, pour, scoop and clean up. Hand-eye coordination and muscle control improve as children learn to manipulate sand accessories, as well as improving social skills whilst playing with other children.

Children in this room also engage in sensory play, which encourage processes within a child’s brain. It teaches them to solve problems using the senses; their eyes (sight), ears (sound), nose (smell), mouth (taste) and hands (touch). This they are able to achieve with a range of treasure baskets full of different textures and scents, plus some sensory bottles that create different interesting sounds. Yellow Room has its own dedicated nappy changing area. In this room, children start to potty train, and the dedicated toilet and nappy changing area in the room aids this.