Slide Pink Room 3 months - 18 months

Pink Room is our room for 6 months - 18 months babies. It is located at the rear of the nursery in a purpose built unit. Play forms an integral part of the activities, as this is an important aspect of children’s play, which helps in many areas of their development and offers the opportunity for children to build on their communication and language skills. Children will expand their vocabulary, understanding and imagination as they create stories based around the resources provided.

The book area in Pink Room is also an important area for babies in our baby room. Reading to young infants contributes hugely to the development of their brains. It also encourages them to enjoy reading, which helps as they develop. Reading to babies helps with their speech and language development. There are lots of bright coloured soft cushions in the home corner in Pink room. The children love to play and socialise in this part of the room. A dedicated sleep room located from the main area provides a suitable area for children to sleep, away from noise in the main part of the unit. The dedicated nappy changing area is ideally located at the back of the room. Pink Room also has its own all weather proof garden area next to the rooms