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Slide Staffing & Partnering with Parents

The staff team at the Purley Day Nursery includes qualified Early Years Practitioners (BA Hons, FDA/ N.N.E.B. / D.C.E. / BTEC/ NVQ3, and others), teachers and experienced nursery assistants. The Nursery employs suitably qualified Kitchen staff and from time to time also provide students, apprentices and trainees with relevant on the job Early Years’ practical experience. All staff, students, trainees and sub-contractors working with children at the Nursery are subject to OFSTED and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.



The Key Person Approach

At the nursery we operate a system of key groups. This means that each child is allocated a Key Person (a member of staff) who is responsible for observing and recording progress, dealing with any issues that may arise, and catering for any specific or special needs. In addition to the Key Person, other members of staff within the key group are also involved with children in the group.

The key group approach represents a focal point for your child and ensures continuity of care as may be required from time to time. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress and daily programme with their key person, and should feel free to contact them at any time.

The Key Person will capture all of your child’s learning and will talk with you about your child’s progress, providing an insight of their day at nursery, which can be shared informally at handovers at the beginning or end of the day, as well as through other means. Engaging in a conversation with your child’s Key Person can often produce useful information about new interests or experiences that can be used to plan exciting and challenging learning opportunities at nursery and further create activity ideas that can be shared with parents to do at home.

The nursery encourages the sharing of information with parents both on a daily basis and through parents’ evenings when you can book a time to discuss progress with their key person. Each key person is responsible for observing their key child, assessing their progress, and tracking their development through observations which are uploaded to EYLog, an online system where parents are able to access their child’s learning journey from home, to help keeping you regularly updated with their progress, as well as gaining an insight of their time at nursery through observations, photographs and videos. This also provides the opportunity for parents to share information through their own observations and photos.

The nursery regularly provides parents with information regarding the nursery through newsletters, posters, meetings, events, workshops and information evenings.


Working In Partnership with Parents

We believe that a parent’s involvement in nursery life enriches a child’s experience and we therefore invite and encourage parents and carers to become actively involved with the setting. This is with the aim of narrowing the gap between parents and the setting, developing a partnership and involving parents in their children’s learning and development. Parents are encouraged to share particular talents, help out, or simply join us on our different fun days, outings and events like our Sports Day and picnic.

Slide “Staff are excellent role models for children and they constantly praise and
encourage children to support their self-esteem and confidence.”
- Ofsted 2016

Slide Ofsted Inspection

Purley Day Nursery is rated as Good by Ofsted and has 5 star Food Hygiene rating


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Slide Settling in

All children will experience some anxiety when first being left in a new environment. Some children will adapt very quickly and without too much distress. However, other children will take a lot longer and will need more comfort and support. It is, therefore very important that children are given as much time as they need to settle in before being left at the nursery for a long period of time. Most of all we want your child to be happy. It often helps if a child brings along a familiar object from home. An initial meeting will be arranged with your child’s key person to discuss your child’s needs, any family matters pertinent to their care and to address any concerns you may have.

We offer a bespoke free settling in arrangements for your child. Each child is unique and we want to ensure that they are confident and ready to explore their new environment. This is why we work closely and in partnership with you to create the best start possible Our settling in takes three days, and you do not pay for this.

Slide Healthy Eating

All of our meals are prepared fresh on site in by our trained and experienced cooks. Everyone handling food at the Nursery is trained in basic food handling and hygiene practices. At the nursery, we cater for different dietary requirements and work with parents to facilitate healthy eating. We have 5 star Food Hygiene rating.

Slide Extra Curricular Activities

Children attending the nursery participate in sing along music class. Spanish class, Tennis, Musical Theatre and Gymnastics lessons are also available to the children (age restrictions apply).

We have a small but welcoming unit for babies. We will endeavour to maintain a familiar routine for babies, allowing them to sleep or take feeds at their own times. Each child will have a daily plan drawn up in consultation between the parents and the key person. Depending on the age and stage of development of the child parents may wish to supply their own milk feeds or other foods. The individual needs of the child will be taken into account when organising activities, and it is hoped that as they get older they can adapt to the general routine before progressing into the next group at the nursery. A daily report will be sent home to advise parents on meals, sleep and toileting in addition to activities and any other information.

Slide Equal opportunities

The nursery operates a policy of equal opportunities, which is seen as an integral part of the daily running of the nursery. Purley Day Nursery bases its values on the premise that all children, carers, staff and students are equal individuals and can be expected to be so treated, irrespective of race, gender, class, disability, cultural, linguistic or religious background. Children should be freely able to develop positive attitudes to differences of race, culture, language and gender during their time at the nursery. Purley Day Nursery incorporates multi-cultural activities in all themes and encourages both genders in non-stereotype activities.

Purley Day Nursery is happy to resolve any concerns or issues that parents may have concerning the nursery or the children. Management and staff will be only too happy to discuss them with parents at mutually convenient time. We look forward to seeing you and your child for a visit.

Slide Home Environment

The nursery is located in a quiet, tree lined residential area of Purley, with unrestricted parking spaces on and off site. Located on Burcott Road the Nursery is in between Old Lodge Lane and Higher Drive. The Nursery is well served by public transport with Reedham and Purley train stations just a few minutes walk away. Bus route 455 ply the local area and stop a few metres away from the Nursery on Old Lodge Lane.

We offer high quality child care services from our homely environment, with very big and fully resourced garden.


Slide Funding

We offer the 15 and 30 hours funded places. Our fees are very competitive in comparison to other local nurseries.

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